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Is it ethical to allow girls to think you're a handsome TV star so that they'll date you? Let Stupid Comics be your guide!

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Kung Fu? Cultural appropriation? Shark punching? Stupid Comics? Stupid Comics!!


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claw your way back to some semblance of mental health with the help of Blondie, Dagwood, and their legion of identical puppies this week at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!


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this week's shocking new Stupid Comics asks you to choose between slavery or electricity! You can't have both!

Get in formation and march to the commands of General Electric this week at Mister Kitty!

hot chicks

Oct. 28th, 2016 08:04 am
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This week at Stupid Comics we take a look at the long form Crusaders series by recently deceased religious pamphleteer Jack T. Chick. These are comics that scared the bejeezus out of me as a kid and they have an undeniable power, both from the cultural boost they get from piggybacking on our culture's religious underpinnings, and from the lurid, sensual artwork of Fred Carter.

Perhaps the most widely-read independent comics publisher of all time, Chick's work is grindhouse Christianity, boiled down to the KJV and the horrors that await all who fail to take Jesus into their hearts, with the extra added spice of the various looney-tunes conspiracy theories Chick bought into wholesale. We won't see his like again, and that's probably a good thing.
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Horrifying nationwide crimewave fought by 2 shapely bundles of female ninja-sword gas-huffing dynamite in this week's Stupid Comics!

It's the kind of comic book that's so inept, such a shameless, grasping, clueless pandering mess of over-inked, half-baked nonsense, that it makes all comic books everywhere seem bad merely by proximity. As someone that draws comic books occasionally it makes me want to quit drawing anything just to avoid even the chance of adding to the pile of bad art flooding the world's eyeballs. On the other hand, it does wrap up with a house ad for a pre-doomed Pog-themed comic book, so there's that.
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Stupid Comics buzzes into town with the 444th installment of bad comics mockery! Yes, giant space bees attack your favorite wayward lunar compound and it's up to Commander Koenig and Doctor Drinksalot and Lady Doctor Trying To Figure Out Human Emotions to discover the secret behind the insect planet! ALSO a lot of THE dialogue is weirdly EMPHASIZED making it difficult TO read at times.

I know I'm harshing on the show a lot here, but dang if SPACE: 1999 wasn't a terrific looking show that was like watching terrific-looking paint dry, with plots that took all the verisimilitude and detail and threw 'em away in chasing dopey, senseless stories about every possible science fiction cliche you can name. Still, I had a SPACE: 1999 water gun as a kid and enjoyed it, and we all loved playing with those toy Eagles. For a show I wouldn't ever watch (I had a bad experience with "Dragon's Domain" as a kid) I loved those toys.

get sleepy

Nov. 19th, 2010 11:15 am
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If there's a better way to sell mattresses than a superhero comic, I don't want to know what the millions of them are!

You'll thrill to the adventures of "The Sleepy's Man" as he calmly smiles his way through exciting superhero action and restful slumber! How long before he faces Galactus? EXCELSIOR TRUE BELIEVER! It all takes place in Stupid Comics!! Now if you'll excuse me this comic is making me sleepy.

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And let me just say... no, I'm just going to stick with this.

It's Madam Satan satanin' it all up in the hizzouse today at Stupid Comics!! Featuring impalements, vampires, glowing monks, slinky gowns, and a Satan badly in need of cosmetic dentistry. You can't lose.

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We return to the world of KASCO to bring you this important commercial announcement!!

Yes, it's Kitty Kasco and $uper-Hen battling the forces of International Communism! Well, okay, Kitty just does farm work while $uper-Hen does all the battling. And it's not communism, but a fox. But still! Don't miss the exciting $uper-Hen action at today's Stupid Comics!! And now it's time for my breakfast, a heaping big bowlfull of Kasco Human Chow. Mmmm-MMMM!

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Exciting nuclear-powered rodent action today as Stupid Comics takes a long look at Charlton Comics and their ATOMIC MOUSE!!

Yes, feed mice uranium and they become super powered. Don't miss the special Presidential Guest Cameo in this exciting story!!

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There's nothing like a weird-lookin' stuffed dog that changes expressions to make children feel protected from things that go bump in the night. Don't believe me? We've got a whole comic book to prove it!

Yes, not even free promotional comic books are free from the baleful gaze of Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics. Apologies to any whose childhood memories were scarred by our sarcastic mocking.

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They're back and this time they are in the company of Wendy The Redesigned Good Little Witch!!

It's a juxtaposition of teen idols and preteen witchery at today's Stupid Comics. It's like Twilight, only twenty years earlier, and not as annoying!

Plus, at NO EXTRA CHARGE, the Six Million Dollar Man has TWO MORE ADVENTURES - presented to you by popular demand! Get bionic at Found Sound!

Yeah, we know it's late. Been a crazy week. On the other hand right now the weather is gorgeous, a perfect indian summer day, and the guy in 505 is doing something on a manual typewriter. Tonight it's THE H-MAN at The Trash Palace and I already have tickets!! Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving and then Tuesday I get some fillings replaced at the dentist. Wheee!

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Learn all about STUPID COMICS today from AOL NEWS! That's right, the mass media finally wakes up and takes notice of one of the most vital sources of information available today - Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!!


Will this lead to book deal, TV show, movie, inevitable cocaine-fueled downfall, tabloid lawsuit, comeback, self-aware cameo role, footnote in history for Mister Kitty? Stay tuned!

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This week Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics is proud to present a salute to one of America's greatest heroes who ever drove around in a tour bus with a youth gymnastics team in a terrible mid 1980s cartoon.

Yup, it's MISTER T and his gruff, sensible approach to youth gymnastics - and produce! Get those crayons out, suckas! Mr. T won't ask you twice!

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The SF/Anime Flea Market went well yesterday. The weather was perfect, the construction around the library has finished so parking is a lot easier, the crowds were in a buyin' mood, I sold a bunch of stuff that's no longer taking up space in our place, and a good time was had by all.

What I enjoy about selling stuff at these things is the people-on-people interaction. Namely how somebody will agonize over a $1 purchase way more than is necessary. Come on fella, they're 2 for $1 comics, just get 'em and go!

I was selling a pretty neat toy for $20. It's mint in box, retail is more than $70, I figure $20 is a reasonable price. One guy looks at it. Walks around the room. Comes back and looks at it, takes it out of the box, looks at the accessories. Puts it back in the box, walks around the room again. Comes back and asks if I'll go $10. I say no, I'll do $15 but that's as low as I go. He looks at it some more, walks around the room again. Comes back. Will I do $12? No, $15 is the firm price. He looks at it some more, walks around the room again. Spends half an hour talking to the table next to me. On his way out the door asks if I'll be willing to sell it for $10. WHAT PART OF $15 DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND. I felt like I was talking to Chris Rock in the film "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka".

I usually complain about dealers who won't come down on their prices, but right now I understand their frustration with customers.

Anyway TIFF is in town and so far my celebrity sighting has been seeing what may have been Tom Green trying to get a cab on Queen West. I would have given him a ride, but there was a hand truck and a bunch of boxes in the back of the car. Anyway it would have just led to a lot of awkward questions about Drew Barrymore.

Speaking of tires there's a new STUPID COMICS today and it's all about America, football, capitalism, teamwork - and tires!

Actually it's been up since Friday but I've been really busy since then with things and stuff so I haven't been able to announce it here. I hope to have a Zero Fighter strip tonight as well, and I have a bunch of video editing to complete also. We'll see what gets done!

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Woof, what a week. Been really busy and I haven't had a lot of free time and I'm not likely to get any free time until sometime Monday morning, so if you're looking for the latest installment of STUPID COMICS then here it is, it's all about cocktail napkins and novelty comedy matchbooks. No, seriously.

How many cartoonists labored in the sweatshops of novelty bartending items? Mankind may never know.

In the meantime I gotta get things squared away and shipshape so that we can blast our way one hundred and forty-eight thousand light years to Montreal to see the SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: THE REBIRTH RESURRECTION RETURN. So you kids have a good weekend and feed the cat for us.
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It's a red white and blue explosion of values this week as Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics takes a look back at comic books that took a look back at the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. Some of our favorite super characters were actually there!!

Next week there will be more patriotic bicentennial comics, so stay tuned to your wood-grained commemorative 1776 style computer device for further updates!

Speaking of Stupid Comics, we were contacted by our contact from AOL News to get some commentary on Wonder Woman's new costume. Because apparently when super hero characters change their clothes, it's news. I was up front about my feelings; namely, Wonder Woman has been a supremely boring character ever since they lost the weird bondage angle and the crazy folk art, and that was sometime in the 1940s. I have never known a time in which Wonder Woman has not been a complete token, a cut-and-paste figure inserted into various DC Comics publications strictly to keep things from being a complete sausage fest. Go ahead and put her in a Shriner fez, DC; nobody cares.

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Here at STUPID COMICS we have a committment to finding and highlighting all sorts of work, and we try to not let taste or good judgement stand in the way of making fun of a really regrettable piece of publishing. And in spite of the dangers to our reputations and our very lives we are continuing to live up to our Dell Statement Of Quality and present to you a very special, very stupid comic. Ladies and gentlemen, THE SH#@'S ON!! I give you REAL DEAL MAGAZINE.


Warning: this comic is racist, homophobic, demeaning towards women, and contains more violent acts per page than any other comic book produced since S. Clay Wilson went into the hospital. And it's a comedy! Get on the 'urban terror' bandwagon today with STUPID COMICS!

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IT'S ON!!! Mister Kitty gets WORLD CUP FEVER that can ONLY be cured by WORLD CUP ACTION! And what better way to celebrate WORLD CUP EXCITEMENT than by making fun of comics?

All from one issue of TIGER AND SCORCHER, exciting scenes of men grunting. No, seriously. It's all taking place within the computer style pages of STUPID COMICS! The guy who sold this to me hadn't priced it and gave a big song and dance about how it was from 1977 and that's really old and how he's seen those sell for five and ten dollars. I manfully resisted all manner of sarcastic replies and instead offered him a dollar. He took it.

Today the excitement is a trip to the bank, and the grocery store, and a pet store, and who knows where that will lead? Tomorrow is a bunch of yard sales in this area, so if the rain can hold off for a few hours I might buy some useless junk. I've got a Let's Anime column I've been doing some research on that ought to be done by Sunday.


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