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Been digging thru old VHS looking for images for an upcoming Let's Anime and I did some screencaps from an episode of Honey Honey.

Honey Honey is a 1981 MIC anime series based on the 60s shoujo manga by Hideko Mizuno. It aired in America on CBN cable, and I videotaped it because I was also videotaping "Leo The Lion", the English dub of the sequel to Osamu Tezuka's Jungle Emperor.

The show is not particularly well-animated (after all, it's a MIC show) apart from one episode, but it's goofy and absolutely refuses to take itself seriously

I wrote a big article about the show here, assisted by picking up the manga in Shibuya Mandarake. I also managed to find a few cels, children's books, etc., on both our Japan trips.

It's definitely a creature of the 60s, some of the characters are broad stereotypes that were amusing at the time but nowadays would need to be re-grooved for modern sensibilities. There are a few sequences in the manga that definitely are of their time and place, let me just say. The cartoon, however, keeps it goofy throughout. I mean, the series ends with a giant ape capturing Princess Flora, and that's hard to take seriously no matter when you watch it.

The show has never been released on DVD, the first 5 got a domestic Sony VHS release, I don't think it ever got a DVD or VHS release in Japan. If it ever does I'm first in line, I don't care what the exchange rate is.
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Where have I been? I been working. Worked last weekend and missed one of the screenings of Nausicaa at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Worked this Saturday for a few hours, spend the rest of the afternoon basically sitting in traffic trying to run errands through the rain. I know the Toronto FC brings a lot of business to our neighborhood but it makes it impossible to get OUT of our neighborhood in a timely fashion. Squeezed between a rail corridor and the Gardiner, access is tight at the best of times.

So anyway I have been going through the ol' files again, getting rid of junk (I used to make two and three and four xeroxes of all my artwork, for some reason - I guess I felt like I was hauling the stuff down to the Kinko's, I might as well make the trip worthwhile) and I dug out some old fan art, so I figured I'd share.

fanart behind the link... )


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