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Today on Mister Kitty we're violating CTRC orders and broadcasting these eerie subliminal messages to the entire world! The entire world of people who download MP3s from us, that is.

Wow, check out that sleeve. You want some eye catching colors, well, there you go, this layout practically reaches out and grabs your eyeballs by itself.

It's an LP full of easy listening music peppered throughout with messages that work on your subconscious mind to remind your mind that you need to eat less and lose weight. And they really work! At being annoying, that is. These aren't the kind of subliminals that you can't hear, they're pretty obviously there, just unintelligible. Since the whole "science" of subliminal messages is a joke, don't expect drastic weight loss, headaches, inexplicable desires for board games and Coca-Cola or pacts with Satan from this record. Still, you never can tell!! Don't weight, lost wait! Also the announcer at the beginning is pretty awesome, he's like Dick Vaughn from Negativland. Remember you are in control of your appetite!

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Today, or yesterday's Found Sound we explore the mysteries of outer space!

Well, okay, maybe some pretty basic facts about outer space. There's that song about how much you'd weigh on different planets, though, which everybody loves. We picked this LP up in that vintage store in Harrisburg PA; have to get back there sometime.

Sorry the posts have been kinda quiet here lately. The time change has really made me lazy. Yeah, that's it, the time change. Seriously though, when you're staying up late to watch Conan's new show every night, that'll take some wind out of your sails.

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You remember Lenny & Squiggy, right? Oh, you don't? Well, you see, in the late 60s there was this band called The Cowsills, a musical family kind of like the Partridge Family. In fact they were supposed to BE the Partridge Family, but that's another story. Anyway in the early 70s they did the theme for this TV show called "Love American Style", which was an anthology-type romantic comedy show. One of the segments was about a family in Milwaukee in the 1950s called "Love And The Happy Days". It was successful and got spun off into its own show called "Happy Days", which gave pop culture "The Fonz". Two characters from "Happy Days" were Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney, and they got spun off into THEIR own self-titled show, two single gals getting through life in the late 50s Milwaukee. Their comedy-relief neighbors were Lenny and Squiggy, two goofball greasers with big dreams and the combined IQ of a small rodent. And Lenny and Squiggy were so beloved that eventually they released their own comedy album.

The shocking truth is that this is actually a pretty funny record. Michael McKean (Lenny) would later go on to rock and roll fame with "Spinal Tap" and you can hear some of the gears turning as they rework 50s style rock into vehicles for comedy. In between the songs Lenny and Squiggy engage in some stage banter and generally goof off. They would appear on FERNWOOD 2NITE - the greatest TV show ever - in character and perfom one of the songs you hear here. So give it a listen, won't you?

In other news... the construction noise is DRIVING ME CRAZY! Especially because it's almost noon and everybody's rushing around, pouring concrete, backing up making that beep beep beep warning, banging stuff, grinding stuff, motors growling, they're in a hurry because at noon the lunch truck shows up and informs the work crew by beeping his horn repeatedly. After noon the noise slacks off considerably, but from 7am until noon, LOOK OUT. Yeah, they're taking a perfectly good parking lot and cramming retail into it. Lord knows where the other under-construction five skyrises full of young upwardly mobile BMW SUV driving, latte-swilling d-bags are going to park. This neighborhood is going to have to have its own subway station if it gets any more dense. BUILD YOUR DAMN BUILDING ALREADY and then move on to another part of the city please. Don't make me buy a farm out in the country just for the peace and quiet. I don't want to farm.

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Just listen to the amazing podcast style digital mixtape jukebox Mister Kitty stayed up ALL NIGHT putting together just for you! Try to work out what Mister Kitty REALLY THINKS ABOUT YOU by evaluating the relationships between the songs. What's he really trying to say? Something about superheros, I think.

It's all happening at Mister Kitty's Found Sound! I might leave this one up a couple of weeks. The '67 Wonder Woman single comes to us from Al Bigley's blog.

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They're back and this time they are in the company of Wendy The Redesigned Good Little Witch!!

It's a juxtaposition of teen idols and preteen witchery at today's Stupid Comics. It's like Twilight, only twenty years earlier, and not as annoying!

Plus, at NO EXTRA CHARGE, the Six Million Dollar Man has TWO MORE ADVENTURES - presented to you by popular demand! Get bionic at Found Sound!

Yeah, we know it's late. Been a crazy week. On the other hand right now the weather is gorgeous, a perfect indian summer day, and the guy in 505 is doing something on a manual typewriter. Tonight it's THE H-MAN at The Trash Palace and I already have tickets!! Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving and then Tuesday I get some fillings replaced at the dentist. Wheee!

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Mister Kitty's Found Sound returns to action with two exciting audio adventures starring Steve Austin The Six Million Dollar Man!!

Don't hesitate, get bionically charged with compu-puncture-hyper-power! That's a reference only Grant will get, and that's OK because he's the person who gave me this LP. Check it out at Mr Kitty's Found Sound!!

in other news... um, really busy. More later.

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If you weren't there or weren't paying attention you might have missed the preshow music I run during Hell while everybody's finding their seats and I'm getting set up. Well, here it is now for your entotainment courtesy Mister Kitty!! Usually this winds up being a comp of whatever nutty music I've been listening to lately and this year was no exception. Some of this music came from a compilation Devlin made that he gave us for Xmas, some of it came from the Ichiban blog WFMU runs, some of it came from plain old thrift store vinyl. Enjoy!!

get dance

Sep. 9th, 2010 11:13 am
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Mister Kitty's Found Sound returns with a little children's dancing music. I WAS going to post a Bobby Sherman single we got off a cereal box, but boy howdy, it sounds terrible. I mean, even more so than normal. So here's some dancin' kids.

What's that? You can't find a partner? Use a broom handle!

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Live Replacements covers today at Mister Kitty's Found Sound as we send you more music from world of illegal recording! Yes, put somebody in the audience with a microphone and you'll get a bootleg. And that's a good thing because without these underlegalized entrepreneurs we wouldn't have The 'Mats doing "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" and "Radio Free Europe". Yeah, I know that this immediately pegs us as middle-aged losers who can't stop talking about all the awesome bands they saw in their youth - as if it's 1990 and we couldn't stop talking about Woodstock. The difference is that the distance between 1970 and 1990 is about a million zillion years, while what's the difference between 1990 and now? We have smaller and faster computers and fewer mullets. Cars get slightly better gas mileage. Everything else is more or less the same; no frightening social upheavals, no scary youth culture (the 20something hipster ideal these days is to dress and act like a 40 year old), no Bonus Armies marching on Washington. Hells Angels no longer provide security at Rolling Stones concerts. Yes, the Rolling Stones are still touring. The Who is still touring. Madonna is still touring. If Michael Jackson wasn't dead HE'D be touring. U2 is still touring. We're stuck in a cultural dead end. And why? Because in 1990 we were given The Replacements, and instead we chose Milli Vannili and Vanilla Ice. We were given Negativland and we chose Island Records. We were given Eightball and Hey Mister and we chose Spawn. We're still paying the price for mediocrity.

Of course much of the blame must fall on The 'Mats themselves, as they found themselves unready and unwilling to accept the mantle of cultural standard-bearer. But isn't part of their appeal the knowledge that failure was always an option, and may have even been inevitable? I'd drink too, if I had to wake up to that every day. I don't know if I'd wear dresses on stage, but I'd definitely drink.

(cover I did for a live 'Mats show recorded in Boston in 1987, via Grant.)

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Awesome British metal act BAD NEWS explodes into your computer thing bringing BAD NEWS!! This fake metal band was three guys from THE YOUNG ONES and one other guy and it was part of the Channel Four comedy series THE COMIC STRIP and it is NOT a ripoff of SPINAL TAP as both were in production at the same time.

Now YOU can rock out with BAD NEWS! Don't forget to wear pants. It's all thanks to finding sound with Found Sound. And cassettes.

Thanks also to everybody who commented in my yearly whine about anime at anime cons. I realize I post fairly regularly on that same topic and should probably get a new hobby as I am boring Springfield when I give that speech.

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Fun and frivolity follow those young, up-and-coming rock and rollers R.E.M. as they zip through a gig at Tyrones in the early 1980s and YOU are there thanks to the diligence of audience taping or possibly soundboard. Yes, FOUND SOUND returns with audio oddities literally dug out of my closet. This came from a tape given me by a high school friend - the other side is The Cure "Head On The Door" which tells you the time period in which this was made. Enjoy R.E.M.'s clean jangly sound as they stood on the brink of being invited into Mitch Easter's studio to cut their first single and become stars of alternative rock and from there to become whatever they are now.

I'm more or less recovered from the allergy/whatever that has smacked me bad this week - a week ago I started getting sniffly and sinusy, and it more or less held off until Sunday. Monday I was a headachy ball of cough, but it's been improving ever since. I guess the nice weather has encouraged the plants to all release all that good stuff they never got a chance to kick out with last year, so I'm getting a double dose of polleny goodness - usually it does not hit me like this, but when it does, it does with a vengeance. As a result I'm out of Kleenex.

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Out into the hinterlands last weekend for a speedy commando-style trip into the pleasant countryside in spite of the closure of the Gardiner for road work. What other major North American city shuts down - all lanes, both directions - shuts down the main expressway leading through downtown for maintenance? Other cities manage to do this one lane at a time and traffic is annoyed, but not killed dead; but to Toronto the automobile is a nuisance, barely tolerated and subject to indignities and humiliations. I'm against urban sprawl as much as the next guy, but there are better ways to handle the roads than this. Especially considering the Gardiner will be soon closed AGAIN to let people bike on it and the TWO marathons that will close main roads later in the year. Not to mention that when the roads are all open and in perfect shape, they're STILL two lanes too small in each direction to handle the traffic. It's not 1970 any more, Toronto. If you're going to close the Gardiner, add a few lanes while you're at it. Yeah, I know, the big plan is to knock the Gardiner down. Sure, do that. Make sure that entering and exiting the city takes everybody two solid hours of sitting in traffic at expensively designed, beautifully landscaped intersections filled with honking cars. THAT'LL show the world Toronto is a REAL world class city!

Whew! sorry about the rant. Anyway here's what we rescued from the sticks. We saw this on our last trip out there and basically decided we had to have it.


Not really sure what this was made for or where it was used- the proprietor figured it was from a movie theater that catered to the Saturday kiddie crowd. Takes 3 bulbs in back. We put 40watts in there, but they seem a little warm, so we may move down a notch. Anyway, it's awesome. In the same place we saw the following note:


Yes, these videotapes purchased by your brilliant grandchildren are in perfect shape. I say this because I don't know if the crayon all over the "Crayola" videotape is part of a brilliant design scheme, or irony in action. I think it actually is deliberate. Anyway, the note works - there was an entire shelf full of kiddy VHS there our first trip and when we returned only 3 were left.

Other stuff we got: Shotaro Ishinomori Shonen Magazine CYBORG 009 print as sold by the Family Mart chain of Japanese convenience stores.


Shain's old pal Roy spotted this in Tokyo and figured we were the target market, and he was right, and he was kind enough to pick one up for us. It comes framed and matted and everything! Thanks Roy!

In other news you should go to Found Sound and listen to two songs that celebrate Canada's multilingual heritage as presented by the Commissioner Of Official Languages circa 1975.

Yes, that famous native Canadian bird, the parrot, is our spokesmascot here. He's magic, apparently. There was a comic book that went with this record, but sadly it's missing from our purchase, or you'd be reading it at Stupid Comics. Speaking of which, time for me to get to work on this week's installment!!

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So you heard vinyl is the hot new fad and you bought a turntable and now you want some records to play on it. But what's a fair price for an old LP that isn't particularly collectible? Whatever Goodwill sells it for. $2, $3 maybe, if it's one of those upscale stores that thinks everything's a collector's item. Hell, the record store in Peterborough we were at recently (open 24 hours, METALLIC K.O. on the store system) has a ton of LPs for fifty cents each or as many as you can carry for five dollars. But seriously, here are some artists whose entire catalog you can find for less than two bucks each.

Billy Joel - From "Record Where He's Throwing Stone At Greenhouse" to "Record where he's standing on sidewalk", his entire catalog is in every thrift store in the world. Tell her about it!!

Genesis. Duke, Lamb Lies Down, Abadabacaba, their self-titled LP, it's all there in the thrift. Also Phil Collins solo albums. Can you feel it in the air tonight?

Supertramp, "Breakfast In America". I've seen crazy grandmas trying to sell this for ten, twenty bucks, but your local Salvation Army has it for one dollar.

Styx - Pieces Of Eight, Crystal Ball, Paradise Theater, even Kilroy Was Here, it's all in the thrift. Keep your eyes open for their early pre-Tommy Shaw Wooden Nickel releases STYX and STYX II.

I know Elton John has a wide catalog, but much of it is right there in your local thrift store including Captain Fantastic, the record whose sleeve disturbed me as a child, don't ask me why.

It goes without saying that Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass will have a representative sampling of LPs in any collection of cast off records, including "Whipped Cream And Other Delights". If you need fifty thousand copies of that record, just go to any thrift store.

I know what you're saying, who the hell is Nana Mouskouri? Well, I don't know either, but somebody up here bought the hell out of her records because there is not one thrift store in Canada without a freakin' Nana Mouskouri record in it. Usually two or three.

Same deal with James Last. Holy cow could this guy make records that people would want to get rid of in a big way. In fact when I see the James Last LP in the thrift store, that's my signal to quit and go look at electronics.

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors". NEVER PAY MORE THAN A DOLLAR FOR THIS RECORD. It's everywhere. I hardly ever see "Tusk", though.

If you ever need any kind of Christmas music for any reason whatsoever, your local thrift store has lots and lots and lots and lots of Christmas music.

Chicago. They made a lot of records, and I know this because they all got donated to Goodwill.

Bee Gees - the "Saturday Night Fever" LPs have largely disappeared thanks to kitschy 70s nostalgia, but their "Main Course" record always shows up. If you look closely it has a naked woman on the cover!

Toronto. Not the city, but the band, who apparently gave a copy of one of their LPs to every citizen of Toronto, who said "thanks!" and then gave them to the Salvation Army.

Max Bygreaves - singalongamax - this British fellow is something like Mitch Miller, a genial host who encourages people to sing along with him. He made fifty or sixty million different LPs and I've seen all of them in thrifts here and in the States.

My Fair Lady - the Rex Harrision/Julie Andrews cast recording with the Hirschfeld cover. Everybody loves the Hirschfeld, apparently, I see this record everywhere.

Eagles - this popular country-rock combo was so hate-filled at the end of their "The Long Run" tour that they weren't speaking to each other except in curses. And you can buy all their albums at the thrift store now for pennies on the dollar! Take it easy, desperado! Christ I hate the Eagles.

Bing Crosby's Christmas Albums. Apparently he quit hitting his kids long enough to cut this Christmas LP of which one awaits you at the Goodwill.

AC/DC - If you need "Back In Black" or "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" then you can't get much cheaper than your local thrift. Because they are there.

Loggins & Messina - if you wanted to hear what Kenny Loggins sounded like before he took that highway to the danger zone, look no further than Goodwill.

Carole King - "Tapestry". I think thrift stores find these LPs lying on the ground when they open for business.

The Guess Who - The one where they're cavemen. I see that one a lot.

Bad Company. Are they an American band? Sure they are.

Star Castle. Who were they? What did they sound like? I have no idea. But their LPs are everywhere.

The Knack "Get The Knack". You'd think hipsters would have snapped all these up, but you'd be wrong.

Beatles - they sold a hundred zillion records but people kept most of them. In fact people buy them over and over again in different formats. The only Beatles LPs I see in thrifts are the "1962-1966" and "1967-1970" compilations. And every record Wings ever made, they're all in the thrift.

Kingston Trio - they're still trapped on the MTA, and in the thrift. You'd think these early 60s folk LPs would be worth something, but you'd be wrong.

Monkees - you can still pick up their first two LPs in the thrifts for very little cash. Their later, less scripted records are harder to find, but occasionally turn up. I never see solo Mike Nesmith LPs, though I did find the "Dolez, Jones, Boyce & Hart" LP, which is an oddity, let me tell you.

Moody Blues - whichever one has "Nights In White Satin" on it, the sleeve looks like a classical LP. Never pay more than a dollar for it. In fact I will pay you a dollar to not have to ever hear "Nights In White Satin" again.

Classical LPs - they're all there. Everything. Take them, just take 'em.

Carpenters - if you never need a Carpenters LP, Goodwill has 'em.

Boz Scaggs - that record where he's sitting on the bench! They have lots.

still clogging up the bins - Frampton Comes Alive!

Cheap Trick - I see "Live At Budokan" with the occasional "Dream Police". Both are worth having especially for a buck each.

Bobby Sherman - he's still got it! "It" being "lots of records people didn't keep."

Rolling Stones - apart from the occasional 80s release like "Tattoo You" which everybody agrees isn't really worth having, not a lot of Stones in the thrifts.

Heart. Usually two or three Heart LPs in the pile.

I could go on and on and maybe later I will. But right now I need to tell you about this week's Found Sound which has two covers of "Also Sprach Zarathustra", one of which is by Deodato and found its way into the film BEING THERE starring Peter Sellers, AND can be heard in the background of the Space Battleship Yamato pilot film which you have never seen because it's kind of wacky.

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It's just weird, is all.

MISTER KITTY'S FOUND SOUND promises to help with America's moral re-armament by hollering UP WITH PEOPLE at the top of its lungs!!

That's right, legions of uniformed folkies march on Washington to proclaim "Let's make everything neat-o!" It's all at Found Sound today. No beatniks.

What else is going on... the latest Doctor Who with the Rubbermaid Daleks was about as weak as you can make 40 minutes of television with WWII Daleks in it. Latest Pacific was an amazingly harrowing bit of war television. They are closing the DVP on Saturday so I'll have to figure out another way to get up to Markham. Stay tuned to this station for further developments!!

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The exciting world of Mister Kitty continues to bring you time-wasting distractions scientifically proven to take your mind off things like sunshine and flowers and chirping birdies and the semi that just pulled out in front of you if you're looking at this on your cell phone in your car which you shouldn't be doing.

Orson Welles, yes, he of the "fish fingers" radio ad and a starring role as a pigeon in "The Enchanted Journey", he takes us on a Bible-themed look at American political life circa 1969 in his LP "The Begatting of The President", presented in its entirety by Mister Kitty's Found Sound!

Yes, they were making fun of Nixon on records even before Watergate! Practice, I guess.

Meanwhile in the 1980s, "alternative comics" provides artists and writers with the freedom to take the medium to fantastic new worlds of creativity and originality.

Also, sexy ladies in skintight outfits punching each other. Repress your embarrassment and visit STUPID COMICS this instant, before I flip my lid!

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Rollicking copyright-free WWI action today as Mr Kitty's Found Sound presents the Peanuts-free version of "Snoopy VS The Red Baron", which due to legal considerations was recut as "Squeaky VS The Black Knight" and released in Canada only!!

Now even those allergic to Peanuts can enjoy this fun Royal Guardsmen song. Yes I made the joke about peanut allergies. In other news Element Of Surprise is wrapping itself up so better get in on the ground floor quick before it all becomes a distant memory!

The Trash Palace here in Toronto is back in action with a new schedule, and up next week is 1960's ALAKAZAM THE GREAT, the Tezuka-directed, Peter Fernandez-voiced movie about the Monkey King legend! So if you have a hankering to sit in a basement and watch 16mm movies, this is the place! JUNE 18: Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell, JUNE 25 - Godzilla VS The Cosmic Monster, JULY 2: Terror Beneath The Sea (starring Sonny Chiba!) Their Classroom Film nights have become really popular and crowded, so my advice is to show up early.

I finished the big CD article yesterday and now comes the big job of putting all the fanzines back where old fanzines go. And putting up a loft bed.

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Just got the following comment at Let's Anime...

Winter is always weakest, but wow very short. Haven't seen so short in a long time. Definitely be easier on my net now. I can watch o so much more :D Probably be watching almost everything minus the yaoi. Not too sure on the kindergarten thing either. But hey, who knows. TTGL animation turns kindergarten, lol. And Chu-Bra... probs a no. I'll probably be sucked in to watch it coz of friends like kissxsis ugh... -.-"

Fairy Tail

("Fairy Tail" was a link to "animeshippuden.com") This, incongruously attached to a post about the Manga Kamishibai book, is obviously promoting something, but what exactly is anybody's guess. Spam of such a fascinating and chummy nature can't help but make you smile.

Meanwhile you will get miles of smiles with Little Lotta AND with Mister Kitty as Found Sound gives us memorial Alex Chilton covers by Trip Shakespeare and The Bangles and The Element Of Surprise updates one more update towards its inevitable cessation! Big earth-rattlin' changes are in store for Mister Kitty soon, so stay tuned!!

Monday and Tuesday were gloomy but today is sunshiney and relatively warm. It was a short and mild winter, but I'm ready for Spring! Sadly, up here Spring itself isn't quite ready just yet. Come on Spring!!


Mar. 10th, 2010 09:21 pm
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We picked up a bunch of these, a sequence from late 1960 and early 1961 of the Fleetway girls' comic SCHOOL FRIEND. Most of the artwork is fairly standard but "Dancers In Secret" is particularly well-drawn, very clean and sharp. It's about a mysterious masked ballet teacher who lives in a castle and hand-picks red-haired ballet students in order to solve a mystery. It's just a tad contrived, is all.

Speaking of contrived we have two cover songs of the same song which in its most popular form is a cover today for you at Found Sound today - AND Shain's strip races towards a conclusion today at Element of Surprise! This strip has guys kissing in it, which apparently is causing all sorts of trouble. Because that's what Mister Kitty is all about, causing trouble! And teaching ballet to redheads.

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Doesn't time fly. This week I got a haircut, and that's about all the non-work activity I expect to get squared away during the week. I needed one, though; my hair was Beatles level, it was approaching post-high school length and anybody who knew me back then knows how painful that can be.

I completely neglected to tell you about Sunday's ZERO FIGHTER strip, which is quickly approaching an extended dialog sequence where some of this stuff gets explained, and of courseFOUND SOUND is back with a record meant to comfort babies that features actual sounds of the human body, and ELEMENT OF SURPRISE updates as well.

I made up for my slack by getting two new Zero Fighter strips done over the course of the week and if I get one more done this weekend I will be ahead of the game. I'm kind of impatient to get the characters out of that field. Of course this Sunday is both the Oscars and the Woodstock nostalgia show which we will probably be going to. Woodstock is a little ways, but it's not too far for a junkin' expedition.

We got an official letter from the condo board and our yellow curtains officially have to officially go, condo rules state that only white curtains are allowed. So either we get different material and borrow a ladder to hang it, or call in the professionals, who probably have their own ladders. Or we just replace them with giant novelty flags bought from people in vans parked at gas stations, and wait for another letter.

If I knew what I was doing, I'd probably do it myself, but I prefer to push the envelope of knowledge on occasions when I'm NOT perched on a rickety borrowed ladder ten feet above the floor. I don't bounce like I used to. I got away with it once, and I could probably get away with it again if all I'm doing is swapping out fabric, but anything more complicated... not recommended.

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It's Asahi Sonorama day today as I get both a Found Sound and a Let's Anime column out of the same dinky little red flexidisc! Of course the Let's Anime column has scans of the neat artwork contained in the booklet, so it's well worth your time to check it out. You should also check out the latest Element Of Surprise page as well!

Wet snow Monday, snow tomorrow and Friday. Winter is doing its darndest to remind us he's still around, but it's too little too late, pal.


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