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Back when we started Mister Kitty we had a feature called "Found Sound" where we'd post a few music tracks every week, usually from some goofy record of cartoon music or celebrity novelty songs or promotional singles or kids records, something like that. After a while, the weekly grind of selecting songs, digitizing the songs, finding artwork to go with the songs, writing a paragraph about the songs, and posting the songs all got to be wearying, and we quit doing it.

I had no real idea how popular the feature was, but we got a significant number of emails and queries about the feature and if it was coming back, which was kind of a surprise to me. There are so many places on the internet full of wacky music, and so many people way more knowledgeable about music, that I figured people would just get their fix somewhere else. Seems that's not the case, or that our delivery of said wacky music is in some way pleasing or useful. Which is nice to know.

Even though we quit doing Found Sound, we still had a bunch of crazy music that we wanted to share, so when Shain started the Kickstarter for Element Of Surprise, we bought a mic and started doing a podcast. The main reason for the podcast was Kickstarter promotion, but it also gave us a chance to post a lot of the same sort of goofball music, interview our pals, and generally pretend like we were on the radio, like when we were 8 and got a tape recorder for the first time.

This week we posted the fourth installment of Mister Kitty's podcast LO-FI LANDFILL. I got to do a lot of fun audio mixing with this one, it's a fake telethon. I found a lot of live performances and mixed it with us pretending to be hosting a telethon, and I put in applause and phones and background noises. Give it a listen, won't you?

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This week's Stupid Comics is kind of a worst case scenario for our progress as thinking animals here on planet Earth.

Tell your grandchildren that you were there the minute it all started to fall apart, this week at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!

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This week's Stupid Comics takes a deep dive into vintage Ontario Hydro safety comics, and for those who don't live in Ontario, "hydro" means "electricity"! Because that's how Ontario rolls!

Stay away from power lines with Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!

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Kung Fu? Cultural appropriation? Shark punching? Stupid Comics? Stupid Comics!!


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This week's Stupid Comics takes an enchanted journey through a mystical land where dreams of dragons and unicorns come to life!

Yes, it's fantasyland in thrilling black and white, this week at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!

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get ready for amazing alien invasion action as Zetora, the Martian invader, wreaks havoc in a real space-filler of a story that works on almost no levels except comedy!

it's all happening at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!!
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It's a new year and that means our vacation is over! It's time to dig back into that pile of junk and make fun of a select few. This week is special.

I can remember seeing this on the stands at Titans Comics or wherever back in the day, and thinking it was an inept Kirby swipe, and guess what? It's an inept Kirby swipe, filled with fake Fourth World jargon and bad posture. Well, there are some Paul Smith swiping Kirby swipes in there too, so there's that.
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It's still Xmastime and that means Stupid Comics has one more Xmas bonus to roll out under the tree. It's a giveaway comic from Classics Illustrated that dates from 1969 but looks older thanks to the stiff artwork and Ames lettering, and it's two children experiencing Christmas customs around the world, as determined by the World Book Encyclopedia somebody had in the Classics Illustrated offices.


Don't miss the concussions and Christmas fun at Stupid Comics!

In other news, next weekend we'll be driving down to Atlanta and spending the Xmas week there and then we'll be driving back up north the NEXT weekend and will be back in Toronto for New Years. We had our first healthy snow of the season yesterday and I made it to work and back, which is all I ask for, really. We're going to knock out the last of our Xmas shopping on Saturday and go to the Anime North thing on Sunday for buffet Chinese. Sunday is also the last update for my strip Zero Fighter, which will be wrapping up along with 2014. Shain will continue with Georgie Girls and Element Of Surprise while I spend a few months fixing problems with some of the Zero Fighter strips that went out under a tight deadline and weren't as quality as they should have been, and then I start working on my next strip, which, again, will be fairly different from my last one. Stay tuned.
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Stupid Comics proudly presents the first in a two-part look at Night Cat, the real life pop singer who's actually a Marvel Comics super hero!


Yes, it's Night Cat, who poses on rooftops, entertains the masses, and uses her vaguely defined cat powers to smash the evil drug pushers. We can't have drug use in the entertainment industry, after all! Catch the Night Cat - if you can - at Stupid Comics!
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This week's Stupid Comics comes followed closely by Election Days in both Canada and the US as Toronto prepares to judge the Ford family one final (?) time and Americans choose senators and representatives and things. If you're confused as to whether or not you should vote, this comic may change your mind!!

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First off you should check out Shain's artwork of TOP TEN DISNEY PRINCESSES WEAR HAT.

Then you should go to Found Sound and learn how to be a ventriloquist with Jimmy Nelson, Danny O'Day, and Farfel!

And then, and ONLY then, can you go to Stupid Comics and find out what it's like for Lois Lane the day she decides to become a black woman. No, seriously.

Yup, you've seen the cover, now find out the truth behind the story as Lois learns about life in the mean streets of Metropolis' ghetto! You're welcome.
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This week's Stupid Comics is all about how you can change your face but you can't change your fate! It's also all about how DC introduces a character in 1963 and then forgets all about him until they re-introduce him in 1972 and pretend that 1963 didn't happen. I guess we've all had years like that.

Then get in your car and drive to Orlando to listen to some Disney World music! Or just click this link. It's got pirates and Presidents and a Moog synthesizer pretending to be Mickey and Goofy riding on an electrical train.

And until Sunday that's your Mister Kitty for the week!!

get ripped

Jun. 14th, 2013 11:36 am
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Find out the truth behind Jack The Ripper in a comic book story that has only the faintest idea of who Jack The Ripper was or what he did.

Then warm up the victrola and get ready to peel back the layers of lies that infiltrate every bit of our media environment as we teach you Propaganda Techniques!

And then you should, if you are interested, think about buying a T-shirt from the 1985 Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

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Mister Kitty is back with sounds to help your selling and monsters to fill your nightmares with lumber!

YES! Increase your personal selling power by sheer strength of will with the help of Millard Bennett! Seriously, a lot of good advice on this record, I'm not kidding. Then - prepare yourself for an astonishing tale of suspense and wood!

Yes, it's Groot, soon to star in the upcoming Marvel Comics film GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY as undoubtedly a computer-generated whatsit. But originally he was a tree monster from Planet X. Enjoy both these Mr Kitty updates as we return to our regularly scheduled schedule of Element Of Surprise, Zero Fighter, Found Sound, and Stupid Comics. Mister Kitty does it all for you!!
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Fred "King Of Men" Blassie, veteran wrestler and all-around American legend, delivers a swinging neckbreaker's worth of musical entertainment brought to you by Mister Kitty's Found Sound!

I picked this up at Wax N Facts over Xmas down in Atlanta. Still the best record store in the city, jam packed with customers, and the clerk was impressed with the purchase, which is always a good sign. It's a red vinyl EP that comes with a paper Blassie mask for you to wear around the house or on the streets. I kinda miss the days when Rhino could come out with a goofy LP like this that would get a little attention in the media and a little airplay on the college radio. Everybody's too serious these days. Even the fakey rockabilly hipsters are too serious. Honestly, you see 'em at the junk shows, the toy shows, the nerd shows, everywhere; the guy is wearing Nic Cage's lizard skin jacket from WILD AT HEART, has his thinning hair all greased up, and his girlfriend is doing her best Bettie Page only with lots of tattoos, they both have ironic nerd glasses, and they're buying kitsch for their space-age bachelor pad. A real case of the trying too hards. Used to be you'd see somebody like that and they were cartoonists or painters or working musicians or they published gigantic clip-art zines; these days they do nothing but post links on Facebook and play video games at home by themselves.

Wow, I went off on a tangent there. Sorry. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, Fred Blassie.
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Last Sunday David and Donald came over and we watched SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO 2199 episodes 7-10. I'm really enjoying the series; I think it's the first time I've seen a SF show where the people got on a spaceship and went out into space light-years from Earth, and then used their telescope to look back at Earth, and they mention "Yeah, this is Earth 20 years ago, since we're 20 light years from Earth." I mean, it's so obvious, happens in fiction all the time, but darned if I've ever seen it on my TV before.

Afterwards I got to work and finished my ZERO FIGHTER for the week and Shain posted that and her new ELEMENT OF SURPRISE, and then we watched that night's BOB'S BURGERS which did indeed have a storyline involving a nude beach Olympics, and then it was totally bedtime. Staying up too late, I think.

Monday morning I finished my post for the 1969 edition of the Golden Ani-Versary blog Geoff Tebbetts is doing. He's recruited anime bloggers and writers from all over to cover the fifty years of anime on Japanese TV and I'm one of 'em. I kind of picked 1969 out of the air, thinking of the Stooges song, but there was a ton of interesting stuff on the air that year and I got to research it all, found out some neat stuff and learned THE REAL STORY behind some things that THEY have been getting wrong ALL THESE YEARS. My column should be up tomorrow or the next day. so stay tuned.
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Enjoy the invigorating sensation of hideous fire demons erupting from the bowels of SATURN THE FIRE PLANET in this week's Stupid Comics.

This is one of the stupider Stupid Comics we've done. It packs a lot of nonsense into six pages. Why not fly your Piper Cub to Saturn and enjoy?
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Get the remainder of your Harlock on with the remainder of the English-language Harlock LP that we started posting before Xmas! She's waiting to betray you to Queen Lafresia today at Mister Kitty!

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Yes, Shain and I are back to work on Mister Kitty, updating our comics THE ELEMENT OF SUPRISE and ZERO FIGHTER for your ento-tain-ment. If LJ wasn't giving me 503 errors every other minute I would have probably posted this earlier on my LJ. In fact I'd use LJ more if it wasn't giving me 503 errors all the time lately. Maybe LJ doesn't realize that every time a user sees a 503 error, the chance that user says to him or herself, "hey, maybe I should quit wasting my time here looking at error screens and spend more time at a social network that has the infrastructure to not error out alla time" increases exponentially.

LJ is becoming the dead mall of social media - big empty halls, echoing caverns where retail used to be, a few holdouts still waiting for Tim & Eric to shoot a movie there.

Speaking of holdouts I really need to start wrapping ZERO FIGHTER up. When it's all done I can tell there are going to be some changes made, some pacing changes definitely. It's past the halfway point and where I should start picking up steam towards the ending so I can move on to other projects. Like to do some other projects in the next decade, maybe.
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I realize that what's happening here is that most of these cartoonists are people who love superhero comics and want to break into Marvel or DC and draw their own favorite characters, and since they can't do that they are going to come up with their own versions and draw THEM. And that's OK. It's when you start killing trees to print the things and start shoving them into an already overburdened distribution system and start selling them for two bucks each to gullible readers, that's when it spills out into the world and becomes a disease that threatens the very foundations of our society. A disease for which only MISTER KITTY has the cure!!!

What's that, ALPHA WAVE? Does that name sound familiar? It does to me!

Sure, I admit it, I did my own fake super heroes. WHEN I WAS ELEVEN.


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