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Actually it's been my birthday for a while but I only got up at 2pm today. I'm working this crazy shift again. Actually this is my 8th consecutive day of going in to work and let me tell you, both my productivity level and my "don't give a crap" level are in the extreme ranges of acceptability.

AND Satoshi Kon died, which pretty much means you can ignore every Japanese animated film from now on that Miyazaki didn't do. I didn't like PERFECT BLUE - it was lurid without being trashy, Hitchcock without the wit - and grudgingly went to see MILLENIUM ACTRESS in the theater, which I loved. LOVED! Suddenly here was a guy who was making FILMS, not "anime movies". As usual Patrick Macias says what we're all thinking. He also posts awesome photos of models advertising anime-themed pachinko games. Including Japanese Hulk (he's smaller and more efficient.)

So it's been kind of a grinding enduro-marathon of a week, sailing through a emotional rollercoaster of tragedy and loss. I am looking forward to having a few days off. My drawing hand is getting antsy. In the meantime here's some real fake Star Wars.


I bought this for a quarter at the Jockey Lot on account of the cover, which skillfully merges poses from "Empire Strikes Back" with spaceships from "Battlestar Galactica" while keeping in mind the juvenile audience these properties were aimed at. It actually does include an excerpt from the "Star Wars" novelization, written by "George Lucas." Just think, if this had been published as an e-book, "George" would be able to update and edit his work even in prose form! Anyways there are amusing illustrations.


Who knew Wookies had ears?


I like to think that there were some sort of legal issues preventing the publishers from using on-model Star Wars characters, because reference for Darth Vader could not have been hard to find in 1979. Not that that kept a lot of the licenced material from being charmingly off-model, but still.

I'm probably going to sell this book, I can't decide whether I should sell it at the SF/Anime Garage Sale in Toronto or the Super Happy Fun Sell at AWA. Cast your vote now!


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