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Enjoy our vacation vicariously as we peek behind the scenes and see the Japanese Cartoons that lurk beneath even the quaintest of tourist destinations in the latest Let's Anime!

Yes, that is Astro Boy advertising luxury auto service. Yes, yes it is.
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(my apologies for this super nerdy post)

I had a free day so I went down to the library and did some digging thru their microfilms looking for information on theatrical releases of anime films in America; specifically New World's Galaxy Express and Warriors Of The Wind, and the Xanadu Productions release of Tezuka's 'Cleopatra'.

This is the newspaper ad for the 2nd week of "Warriors", the New World dub of Nausicaa. It screened in 8 cinemas in the Toronto area alone, which suggests a much wider release than I'd previously thought.

This is the review of Cleopatra. Information on the American release of this film is... well, you're looking at it. The print screened in New York City in 1972 was subtitled and self-rated; it sounds like a one-time showing, maybe an enterprising entrepreneur four-walled the Bijou in an attempt to generate some publicity. This film helped to bankrupt Tezuka; hoping it wouldn't be a money sink in America is wishful thinking.

Here's grosses for "Warriors" in Miami and for Galaxy Express at the Uptown in Seattle in 1980...

And a tidbit about Harmony Gold's Frank Agrama, who before he worked for Harmony Gold, was president of the Intersound dubbing company, fifty percent of which was owned by ZIV International, whom you will remember from various dubs of things like Captain Harlock, Candy Candy, and other home-video classics.

I had never suspected a connection between Intersound/HG and ZIV, but there you go. Research is fun.
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I have a printout of this list that I made years ago that has served as a vital research tool, and I thought that I didn't have it in a digital format, but turns out I do. So here it is. It's a list of the names and air dates of Japanese TV cartoons from 1962 until 1993, compiled by Yuki Furumi and Curtis Hoffman, to whom I definitely owe a round of drinks sometime.

It's behind a cut because it's huge. )

eww, gross

Nov. 25th, 2010 07:18 pm
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Got curious as to exactly how much box office these dang japa-heeno cartoons do in the States, so I looked it up.

Princess Mononoke: Domestic Total Gross: $2,375,308

Akira: Domestic: $553,171

Spirited Away: Domestic Total Gross: $10,055,859

Ghost In The Shell: Domestic Total Gross: $515,905

Ghost In The Shell 2: Domestic Total Gross: $1,043,896

Metropolis: Domestic Total Gross: $722,932

Ponyo: Domestic Total Gross: $15,090,399

Howl's Moving Castle: Domestic Total Gross: $4,711,096

Paprika: Domestic Total Gross: $882,267

Pokemon The First Movie: Domestic Total Gross: $85,744,662

Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie: Domestic Total Gross: $19,765,868

Cowboy Bebop: Domestic Total Gross: $1,000,045

Steamboy: Domestic Total Gross: $468,867

Jin-Roh: Domestic Total Gross: $94,591

I would have thought Akira would have done more business, seeing as how it was on the circuit for ten-fifteen years, but accounting on this kind of roadshow ticketing must be iffy at best. Together the Pokemon movies made about a hundred and fifty million dollars; no wonder they're still looking for the next Pokemon...

source: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/genres/chart/?id=anime.htm

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Frequently - well, not so frequently these days, but it happens sometimes - people will want to swap DVDs or files or whatevers of anime, and they don't have a list of what they've got, they just ask me what I'm looking for. And at this stage of the game what I'm looking for is some pretty obscure stuff. But also, at this stage of the game there is a vast secretive network of fan-subtitlers working on projects that I may or may not even hear about, swapping files and links on closed-members-only message boards, so the chances of something I'm interested in making its way to being available for me to watch, those chances are getting better and better all the time.

Yeah, I understand that me asking for swaps might go against the mindset of the 21st century that we should only watch anime that is approved, translated, dubbed badly, bought and paid for from a North American licensor. Well, North American licensees aren't bothering to release the shows I want to see, so until they get off their can and start catering to my whims, they can go fly a kite.

(My attitude is the same attitude I've had since 1990, which is that if it's legally available in North America as licensed product, I don't make copies of it or distribute it. It's an attitude that's served me well for 20 years in all strata of fandom.)

So if you have any of these shows, or know of a ztorrentz or a mega-borgupload where it's available, or of somebody who's fan subbing it, let me know. I will cheerfully swap whatever I have that you might want. No, I won't copy Anime Hell discs for you, come to the damn show and enjoy it in the crowd like everybody else. Thanks! (YouTube links are cute and all, but are worthless for my purposes, which is to say, actually enjoying as a television show as God intended them to be enjoyed. Kthnxbye. )



the PINK LADY anime and live-action film from the 70s

the ANNE FRANK anime


a good looking copy of 30,000 MILES UNDER THE SEA (I have a 99th generation VHS already)


the color TETSUWAN ATOMU film from the 60s

SASURAIGAR in English as "Wonder Six" (got plenty in Japanese, thnx)

OGON BATTO / GOLDEN BAT episodes in Japanese, Portugese, or any other language

Thanks, Dave
(my email is right on my LJ User Info page, if you wanna email me.)

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Starting tomorrow at the CEATEC Japan 2010 trade show in Chiba: premiere of a Mamoru Oshii directed 3D CYBORG 009 short film.


I don't know how Oshii will work in basset hounds and long slow pans of people staring at buildings in Tokyo while cicadas go EEEEEEEEERRRRREEEERRRR, but I'm sure he'll work it out. CYBORG 009 IN 3D!! Man, why am I not in Chiba right now?



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