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If you're keeping up with Steve Harrison, you might have seen his LJ post this morning.
Before you get all freaked out, I have been informed that he's OK and has been transported to care.


Now I feel lousy, because I was this close to making a 911 welfare check call on him last night, and I didn't do it, and I wish I had.

Repeat: in spite of what this LJ link says, he is still with us, thank goodness.

Date: 2017-05-26 04:15 am (UTC)
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I'm not keeping up with him (don't even know who he is...) but I actually did this with a friend one time in America. They had a history of suicide attempts and said they were going to do it again, had the pills stashed in their room etc. Well I happened to be at a doctor's appointment at the time and couldn't call myself, so I got my friend to call the police. Unfortunately the police didn't care at all about the suicide attempt and were just grilling my friend about "How do you know this girl? You're so much older than her (5, 10 years) and don't live anywhere near her!" "We're internet friends but that's not important, she's probably dying right now!" *police don't give a shit*. Eventually the police did go to her house.... and simply drove by it, didn't even knock on the door.

If memory serves, the girl just threw up the pills and survived. She was screaming so badly (had tons of ulcers from doing this exact same thing many times before) that her brother found her there in her room and called their mom/the ambulance and then she got her stomach pumped and her ulcers seared up or something. But yeah, I was pretty pissed that the one time I personally had anything to do with the police it went like that.
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Date: 2017-05-26 04:57 pm (UTC)
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I've known three people who have tried to kill themselves with pills. This to me is a kind of weird irony considering all the people I knew who successfully (inadvertently) killed themselves with needles. I've learned several things about the process of doing and undoing over the years.

All OTC sleeping pills contain a collective regurgatant, specifically because people do this sort of thing and the pill companies don't want to get sued. The more you take, the more sick to your stomach you're going to get until enough is enough.

Another thing is to not take them all at once. They take a while to kick in and someone might find you before they can work their "magic".

The third is that hospitals fill you with activated charcoal to soak up what they couldn't pump out. Are you going to puke that up? Hells to the yes you're going to puke. You're going to puke black nasty an you'll never get that charcoal taste out of your mouth. If someone was going to throw you a "yay, you're still with us" backyard BBQ, just tell them that's very thoughtful and stay home. One buddy could not eat anything cooked on a grill for years after her attempt.

So now here's a forth and another lesson learned. If you're going to do it, don't ever announce that you're doing it. Too many people care about you to let you do something that dumb.


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