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I was supposed to do Stupid Comics last night - I generally do the scanning on Wednesday night and the actual writing of the text pieces on Thursday morning - but I got distracted and didn't get started and that thing just isn't happening this week, sorry. Not happening next week either because of Anime North.

That's what I've been spending my free time on, the Anime North. I'm doing Anime Hell and Hot Tub Anime Club Time Machine and Desert Island Anime with Neil and Stupid Comics with Shain. Neil is doing Totally Lame Anime and Mike Toole is coming and doing Bootleg Korean Anime and Dubs Time Forgot. We'll probably meet Steph. L for dinner Sunday and maybe hit Tilt at some point during the weekend and play pinball.

Speaking of pinball I got interviewed on Tuesday for a potential Now or Vice piece about Anime Hell. Dunno if it'll come out or where it'll appear if it does. The author went to what I think is the first Anime Hell I did up here back in '05 and is working on a history of pinball that sounds like a good read when it comes out.

This weekend is the final staff meeting and hopefully we can get out of the city for five minutes and enjoy some nature. Right now it's really warm outside, finally. Gonna cool off for the weekend but it should be OK for Monday which is a holiday here.

I put in for our vacation, the last week of July which means we miss Con Bravo again, but that's how the family vacation thing happens, my family is more important than some convention. Let my 19 year old self hear that and watch his head explode. We're gonna drive South until we hit whatever beach has been decided upon; it might be south Georgia or it might be Myrtle Beach SC. Either way there's sunburn in our future.

Watched "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and was underwhelmed. Watched "Logan" which I enjoyed more, probably the most out of any of the X-men movies. They can put that whole thing to bed now, I think.

Looking forward to getting the anime con out of the way so I can get back to drawing comics.


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