Feb. 27th, 2017

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We did the Eyesore show and it went OK, we sold a decent amount of nutty stuff to friendly strangers. Apparently the last two Eyesore shows were much more heavily attended; after, say, 4:30pm the store got real quiet and didn't pick back up until around 7. I guess we see what it's like for Bloor West retail. The shop does seem to get more foot traffic at this location.

The other vendors were horror-movie guys, one with a lot of great movie posters, temptingly priced, and lots of DVDs and VHS and film books and stuff.

One customer literally bought a box full of VHS movies. Still a collector's market for that, I guess. We sold quite a bit of VHS ourselves. I spent much of the time doing pencils for the WWII story and I was pleased to get some drawing time in, solving problems and working on the page-to-page flow, all that comic book nonsense.

Sunday we went out to the sticks and spent our profits on junkin' - cheap old comics and a comedy Dracula LP with Jack Davis sleeve art from 1964 - and then tried to get food at a restaurant that's now closed, and then got back in time for the Oscars, which felt long but had an amazing twist ending. Haven't seen any of the best picture nominees but they all seem like movies I'd enjoy seeing.

Movies we DID see included Sonny Chiba in "Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope", which is about Sonny Chiba who is the last survivor of a village of lycanthropes, who is also a reporter, and who gets mixed up in a conspiracy involving a girl singer who is extracting revenge on a rock band with her ESP murder powers that the government wants to control. It's lurid and crazy, just one more adventure in the life of Wolf Guy. That was a DVD rental from Eyesore that was taped off Japanese TV in 1993, so it has commercials; always a plus. There's a deluxe DVD coming out soon.


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