Feb. 7th, 2017

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so what did WE do last weekend? I got a haircut. We drove out to the Pacific Mall and browsed among the home goods stores and Shain picked up a massaging heated chair pad at a reasonable price. We got Chinese food for lunch (yeah, Pacific Mall) and did a little snowy walking at a park out towards the zoo. Hit a thrift store on the way back and I picked up some cheap videos including a VHS release of the English language compilation film of the Zuiyo Eizo HEIDI that Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki worked on.

the "Alice" is a Rankin/Bass - Top Craft kind of thing, with the Paul Coker designs. Top Craft would later become Ghibli, don't ya know.

Sunday Donald and David came with us out to the Ancaster Nostalgia Show & Sale, which is a big antiques/collectibles/memorabilia show in a fairground hall on the other side of Hamilton. It was the busiest I've ever seen that show, the vendors had a good variety of stuff with a minimum of Funko Pops and three or four dealers with decent comics selections.

One dealer saw we were pulling out older Archie books and he dug out a copy of the recent Archie "zombie" book, saying it was "rare". Dude, the thing just came out. Everybody who wants one has one. It's interesting how this Archie zombie thing is the one thing every comic book dealer mentions after we tell them we are interested in old Archie comics. This has happened at comic book shows, at comic book stores, you name it, it's a piece of marketing on the part of Archie Comics that has really penetrated the collective knowledge base. I still am not interested in it, though. Sorry.

After the show we went into downtown Hamilton for lunch. "Jack & Lois" was jam packed with coffee klatschers, but we went across the street to a smokehouse place that had an interesting menu of all kinds of pork and chicken and brisket stuff, and everybody wanted something with smoked pork, and they were out of smoked pork, which was bad because half the menu relied on smoked pork. Anyway what we did get was good, and then we went up 6 to the Freelton Antique Mall and did a little more junking.

Here Ernie and Kamen Rider Super-1 share a moment. This just goes to show you that you can find darn near everything in antique malls. No, I didn't buy the Kamen Rider, because, to be honest I am not that interested in Kamen Rider. If you've seen one you've seen them all, and I have, in fact, seen one.

We got back to the city in the early evening and I spent some time gathering material for the next Mister Kitty podcast and generally goofing off, and we watched that Heidi compilation film, which is jarringly edited and mastered from a really dusty print, yet is nicely animated and has Janet Waldo voice acting.

And that was the weekend! And yes, I ignored the football game, which is OK as it would have probably been too traumatic an experience. This week, my plans are to dig up data on Dixie-Trek for the AFF blog and get the Mister Kitty podcast arranged (it's gonna be a telethon) and do Stupid Comics and do some drawing, and not a whole lot on the weekend, thanks.

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I wrote a big post on my AFF blog about Dixie Trek, which was the Trek convention in Atlanta that I went to because it was a convention and as a 16 year old kid I HAD TO GO TO CONVENTIONS. And later as a 20 year old annoying young adult I went there to post insulting flyers. And now it's years later and "Dixie Trek" is a joke on Big Bang Theory.

I'm not a Star Trek fan, so me being at the show at all was testament to how desperate I was for any kind of nerd activity in 1985. Looking forward to hearing from the organizers who will no doubt set me straight on the many errors of fact I've made in the piece, but you know what, if they're so smart, why didn't THEY write the piece? Huh? Because they're too busy shoving chocolate cake onto their foreheads and pretending to be Klingons, or wishing they were perfect automatons without emotions like Data, or wishing they could still fit into their Starfleet uniform. That's why.


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