Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Went down along with a few million others around the world to the Womens March yesterday. Ours was in Toronto.

photos behind the cut! )

Usually when you go to these things you see a few recurring themes; lefty non-aligned groups trying to make the march all about *them*, black-clad anarchist wannabes breaking American Apparel store windows, and long-winded speeches by professional social-justice marchers. None of that here; just marchers, smiling with their goofy signage and their pink hats, enjoying the cooperating weather, taking pictures of each other and marching down University. Lots of women, men, kids, strollers, dogs, students, older folks, determined to show that short-fingered vulgarian who's now in the White House that we see through his bullshit.

From what I'm told I have already sold one R. Sikoryak book from displaying his work prominently. A lot of people asked Shain and I for photos with our signs; now I know what cosplayers feel like. I've been feeling apocalyptic and powerless for a few months now and it really felt good to get out there and realize that we're not alone, that there are millions like us everywhere. I'm ready for the next march (though I will probably get some better boots)!


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