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So what have we been up to? Last weekend we ran some errands and went to the Anime North staff meeting and went to the comic book show up on Wilson and spent some money on comics. Actually came back with a stack of fairly cheap stuff in our interest areas - Archies, Harveys, listening to bores bore dealers with stories about how Jim Steranko was going to draw The Shadow for DC while standing in front of the boxes we want to dig through. Weather has been rain, for the most part. Rain this weekend too, which means we're probably not going to go much of anywhere. I still have a ton of Anime North stuff to do. Anime Hell is mostly finished, though.

I think this weekend is the local literary SF con. I've never attended except to drop off flyers and hang out in the Anime North-sponsored con suite. I don't know if they're doing that this year, I haven't heard much about the show at all, to be honest. The weather being what it is, and tons of roads getting closed for a marathon on Sunday, it's not likely we're going to be out of the house much at all.

I did touch base with a friend who I hadn't heard from in a few years, he and his family are doing OK,
though struggling with some issues that are pretty far outside my area of expertise. Not much I can do but make sympathetic noises. Not that we don't have our own challenges, but they seem a little smaller these days.

I go to the ophthalmologist for a checkup on Wednesday, on Saturday the 13th I go to the dentist, we get Victoria Day off on the 22nd, and then I get Thurs-Mon off for Anime North. At some point between now and then I hope the rain stops.
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