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can't decide if my ambivalence towards TCAF is due to the show not having anyone I'm particularly interested in seeing, the show being super crowdy, the show having some kind of Image Comics celebration (??), or the show being filled with great cartoonists who are producing great work and me being envious of having the time and the focus to produce great cartooning. Because I don't and I don't, and rather than me wander around and get grumpy about the whole thing, I will keep my dentist appointment on Saturday. Anyway, I still have Anime North stuff to do.

Yesterday: got a haircut. Went to the ophthalmologist. Last weekend it turned out it didn't rain as much as had been predicted, so Saturday we had lunch with Steph and saw her studio space, Sunday we went out and did some walking and got some nature.

In your stupid fandom news department... well, there's a concise explanation here: https://twitter.com/thedreamcreek/status/862492511205380097 but the gist is, AX artist-alley artist says dumb stuff on social media, AX volunteer says dumb stuff about artist that way oversteps volunteer's position at AX, artist is not coming to AX, volunteer is no longer volunteer.

And that's where it intersects with my experience, which is that when you have volunteer staff at fandom conventions you occasionally get volunteers who fail to grasp their position on the Table Of Organization and who fail to understand exactly how much power they have in the organization.

My experience is watching staffers unilaterally appoint themselves guest coordinators, staffers invite people as guests without checking with anyone else connected with the convention, staffers make policy decisions way above their pay grade. Staffers who composed, printed and distributed their own convention flyers and who gave us big, blank looks when we told them that they couldn't do that (actually that staffer now takes public-domain comics he downloads from the internet and sells them in compilations, so there may be an ongoing failure on his part to grasp the subtleties of where his grasping hands end and the rest of the world begins).

I don't know if I've mentioned this recently but I'm super glad I no longer am responsible for dealing with this level of convention staffer. My stress level is a lotttttttt lower.

Stupid Comics up soon today! Stay tuned! It's terrible!
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