Jun. 20th, 2017

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I found this poster for the 1966 release of "Hentai" at the "Temple Of Schlock" blog, which is this aptly named deep-dive into super obscure exploitation films that were released under two or three names in fourwalled theaters in small towns and regional cities across America.


I posted it on Twitter and it's gotten a lot of traction and some amusing @s from people who either want to argue with its translation of "hentai" or aren't sure why it's funny. If you don't think kitschy old movie posters that have to work hard to explain themselves are funny, then I don't know what to tell you.

The yard sale went well. We beat the rain, sold a bunch of stuff, I got a new bicycle seat and a plastic Doraemon bank and a new yoga mat. I don't think there was as much foot traffic as last year, but we seemed to make about as much money, so go fig. Sunday we went out to the woods and did some walking, some catching up with the new Twin Peaks, which I'm enjoying a lot.

The old anime hell domain name went bye bye, so I bought a new one that is a work in progress at the moment.


It's 2017 and this is the first domain name I ever bought and the first website that I've built myself. (Shain does all the work on Mister Kitty). There's a learning curve, but that's what life's about, learning new skills.

This week it's hot and rainy and cool again and rainy and hot again. This weekend is the Anime North post-con banquet, which means free Chinese buffet, and maybe a comic book show. We kind of need to save money for next month's vacation, though, so we might not go to that. I'm working on a review of the "Osamu Tezuka Story" that Schodt translated for Let's Anime. Need to get back to drawing comics too. And I gotta put that new seat on my bike. Always something to do.


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