Apr. 20th, 2017

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Just a placeholder to remind myself to send the URL to family later. My grandparents had a Craftsman a few blocks from this place that was in the family until the '90s, at which point it was in terrible shape and was sold. We spent a weekend clearing the place out and it was hoarded up, holes in the floor and ceiling, cats coming in and out of the place, neighbors stealing electricity, drug deals happening on the corner, one house on the block getting gentrified and the rest waiting for their chance.

The house in the link, at least the upper floors, really resembles my family's place in layout. However, you can see that it's been remodeled and well kept up. And there's a basement to the linked listing, my family's place did not have a basement that I recall.

I can remember as a young adult thinking how cool it would be to move back into the city and be an urban pioneer. If I was living in Atlanta and was younger and had more handyman expertise, more resources, and more time, maybe I'd do that. But the reality of living in a marginal neighborhood is, well, it's a full time job, leaving no time for things like Japanese cartoon conventions.

Anyway, it's nice to see the neighborhood coming back in a big, nice home, real-estate investment sort of way. Only took, what, fifty years?


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