Apr. 19th, 2017

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I marked the calendar "A3" and couldn't remember why, and now I remembered .

So this Sunday is the last day the Kickstarter for Digital Manga's Wonder Three is open. The project got funded and it's going to happen, and so if I want some Wonder Three comics and also some Ambassador Magma comics, then I need to throw them some money before Sunday.

The problem is that I want Wonder Three comics and Ambassador Magma comics, but I don't want to support Digital Manga's business model, which is to use Kickstarter as a pre-order service. I understand why they're operating like this - they get a chunk of capital up front and they can pay their bills and deliver a product. What I dislike is that Tezuka's manga library is essentially pieced out a bit at a time in varying degrees of availability and cost, by a company that apparently intends to release every single thing Tezuka ever drew, to a readership increasingly tired of the endless promotions and emails and exhortations to spread the word. We just want to buy the comics.

They made one attempt to release W3 previously, as part of a big package of titles, in a KS campaign that failed. This current attempt is a much less ambitious package, and was financed relatively quickly.

Back when DM first started crowd-funding their Tezuka projects, there was a lot of goodwill among the classic anime nerds I know on Twitter and elsewhere, and their projects got a lot of buzz and discussion. But when EVERY project DM started wound up being a crowd-funding plea, when they started failing to deliver extras and goal rewards, and when their loudest social media backers started getting huffy and defensive, that's when I backed off supporting DM, and I haven't seen the same kind of signal boosting lately that their earlier projects got. In fact this latest one has been met with silence from people that normally would be mocking DM, and I suspect it's because this latest project is just the right size to actually get people to fund it, but they feel embarrassed supporting DM's Kickstarters. And it's OK, I understand. I've thrown my fair share of shade at DM and yet I'm really tempted by this one myself.

The package that would get me both the W3 and the Ambassador Magma print editions will cost me $66 US - that's $89 Canadian, which is a lot of money to lay out for two books. In fact, it's too much money for me right now. Ethical quandary solved. If they ever get released retail, maybe I'll pick them up. If not, I'll live. I like Wonder Three and Ambassador Magma, but I don't like them enough to spend $45 each for black and white softcover books.


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