Apr. 17th, 2017

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I had Friday off so we got the bikes out and did some riding, and then Saturday it didn't rain as much as it said it was going to, so we got the bikes out and did some riding, and Sunday we, yes, got the bikes out and did some riding. I moved the shift over a little, and oiled it, and put some chain lube on the chain. Shain had to get a tire patched. We went down the Lakeshore trail to the bridge and back on Friday, Saturday the other direction to Queens Quay, and Sunday we went down King to Roncesvalles and had lunch at Cardinal Rule, and then through alleys back up Queen, over to home, back again down King and over to Trinity-Bellwoods Park to watch the dogs. I'm feeling it in my butt, because my seat isn't as padded as it maybe could be, and my thumbs are feeling the three days of gripping handlebars, and my legs are getting that "oh, you've been bike riding" feeling.

The bike-riding muscle memory is coming back, and I wasn't sure how well I'd be dealing with coaster brakes after years of handlebar brakes, but I haven't crashed into anything yet, so I guess it's OK. I need to get a basket for the bike and maybe some more reflectors, and maybe a water bottle holder? But if I get a basket, I could put my water, like, IN the basket, right? I might go full beater and put a milk crate on the bike, see how that works out.

When not bike riding, we have been watching the new MST3K - we're four in and it seems to be getting up to speed nicely, though it's very "Joel" in some ways, not all of them in the service of laughs, but darned if he won't keep doing something he thinks is amusing long after anyone else finds it amusing or even explicable. Also: Attack On Titan season 2. Also; drawing comics and putting Anime Hell together. It was a pleasant long weekend. More like that please.


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