Apr. 7th, 2017

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Apr. 7th, 2017 05:06 pm
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Yes, last weekend we drove over to Rochester. The border crossing was super easy, barely any lineup, showed our passports, said where we lived and what we were crossing the border for. I think the magic words are "antique mall", that tells the border guys that we are boring middle aged people.

The Rochester mall is OK. Lots of showcases. I honestly think the Salamanca store is larger, so that's one on them. I bought a big stack of comics in one lot, some of which are Stupid Comics fodder and some of which aren't. Bartertown Collectibles has some neat stuff, got a replacement Gordian "Garbin" robot. We went to Hammergirl Anime, which serves the large RIT anime fan community with what's basically an anime con in a strip mall - manga, DVDs, figures, kits, and tables for card gaming. The place was jumping. Got a new coffee table and did some Target shopping and took the long way home along the lakeshore. Nearly got smacked by a deer and got home pretty late. Not a lot of late night dining options on the QEW.

Rochester is an interesting town, the Eastman Kodak plant is still there and is huge, seems like it's off in its own little pocket of America. It really isn't on the way to anywhere else, you're there because you want to be there, I guess.

This weekend we haven't got any plans other than get outside, maybe ride bikes. I've got lots of AN prep work to do. There's a "weird club" video thing at a bar Sunday night we might hit. Monday is Passover and I took the day off to go do the Seder with Shain's relatives. Friday's Good Friday so it's a short week.


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