Apr. 6th, 2017

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They keep making Hollywood adaptations of Japanese animation properties, and these adaptations keep underperforming.

Astro Boy (2009) Opening Weekend: $6,702,923, lifetime worldwide $39,886,986

Speed Racer (2008) Opening Weekend: $18,561,337, lifetime worldwide $93,945,766

Dragonball Evolution (2009) Opening Weekend: $4,756,488, lifetime worldwide $57,497,699

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Opening Weekend: $18,676,033, worldwide so far: $72,544,875

Dragonball was a major bomb, the best you can say about Speed Racer is that it might actually achieve 'cult' status, Astro Boy tanked so hard it took down its studio, and Ghost in The Shell may limp to 100 million, but that's a big maybe.

In the pipeline: Akira, Star Blazers, Robotech, Battle Angel Alita, Beyblade, Naruto, Bleach... some of these have been in the works for years, some will never get made, some might actually reach the finish line, and the question still remains "why?" None of these films have done anywhere near the business of even a mid-tier superhero movie (Ant-Man, $500 million, Dr. Strange, $677 million, Man Of Steel, $668 million). This Hollywood anime thing is a fad that stubbornly resists every attempt to bring it forth into life. It's not gonna happen. Stop already.

Meanwhile, the Buena Vista release of "Spirited Away", an actual Japanese animated film, its lifetime gross? $274,925,095. That's three Speed Racers. Just release the Japanese films and have done with it, guys. Save everybody the effort.
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This week's Stupid Comics takes an enchanted journey through a mystical land where dreams of dragons and unicorns come to life!

Yes, it's fantasyland in thrilling black and white, this week at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics!



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