Mar. 31st, 2017

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WHOOO, WHOOO thought they could make a quick buck off the 1966 Batman craze? Gold Key, that's HOOOO

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It's been a whole week already? We got some snow yesterday. Today it's rain. Part of I-85 caught on fire and collapsed in Atlanta, so if you're in Atlanta you're probably reading this in traffic. I finished the opening for Anime North's Anime Hell last weekend and I'm pretty happy with it. The service guy came out last week and fixed our dishwasher - replaced the pump, it works great now.

Saturday we did some thrifting to get a keyboard for Shain. Hit some places off the beaten track. One Sally had a standard HP USB keyboard, but they wanted $20! For a used thrift store keyboard! We noped out of that place and grabbed one for $5 elsewhere. Later that day we got lunch and then saw the King Kong Skull Island movie, which is a movie about Vietnam War air cavalry and scientists and Dr. Steve Brule surviving on an island of giant monsters, and if you're not interested in that kind of thing then you probably won't like it. Me, I liked it.

Sunday early afternoon I got interviewed via Skype for a book about anime conventions 1990-2000. Went out Sunday later in the day and walked over by the Guild Inn in Scarborough, which is getting a total makeover and will be fairly outstanding when it's complete. We had lunch at Sakawa Coffee, which is a low-key Danforth neighborhood Japanese restaurant that is probably the most authentic Japanese food I've had in the city. Great curry and big hunks of pork in the ramen and good coffee, too.

I think tomorrow we're going to drive down to the States and do a little shopping. There's an antique mall in Rochester that is run by the same people that run the one in Salamanca, and the one in Salamanca is pretty big, and they claim the one in Rochester is the "largest in New York", so there you go. Looking forward to crossing the border and seeing what that's like. Who knows?

Won't be seeing "Power Rangers" or "Ghost In The Shell" because I didn't care much for them the first time around, to be honest, and nothing has changed in that regard for me. We were thinking about seeing "Logan" but I can safely wait for Netflix for that one, I think.

Sunday is supposed to be the nicest day for a week or so, so I'm hoping we can take the bikes out for a little while, before the rains begin again. We'll see. Next Friday we're supposed to get interviewed for a podcast, Monday is Passover so I'm taking the day off work, and Friday is Good Friday and we get that day off work too, so it's a short week, which will be nice, I could use a break.


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