Mar. 14th, 2017

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So Shain and I had bikes - I had a real beater of a Norco with slipping gears and leaky tires, and Shain had a vintage bike that was nice at one point, but needed an overhaul and, as it turned out, a new axle. It was time for new bikes. So, what we did last weekend was load our old bikes into the car and go over to Mojo Cycles on Queen and swap those old bikes for new bikes. Well, okay, 'swap' and 'pay money for.'

Shain got a vintage Sanki, a Japanese bike with a hexagonal frame, red with checks, nice chroming, a really sweet bike. I had had my eye on a rebuilt, fairly utilitarian street bike in green and black. I knew if we didn't jump on these bikes ASAP, then the weather would warm up and somebody would be in there grabbing these things, so we'd better move fast.

Anyway, we test rode them around the block in the snowy Saturday air, and now they're ours! And it's still snowy and we're waiting for the weather to get nicer so we can go riding.

Having a decent bike again, well, it's like being a kid again. It is like riding on air compared to that Norco, let me tell ya.


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