Mar. 8th, 2017

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YES!! I got my first DMCA!!!!

Apparently somebody at "Remove Your Media LLC" under orders from FUNimation noticed that I had a blog post about Space Battleship Yamato, and since FUNimation has the license to the live-action Space Battleship Yamato film, that's a red flag, and hence the DMCA.

Google moved the Yamato blog post into the "draft" folder, so it hasn't been deleted. Their suggestion is that I "remove the infringing material" and re-post the blog. MY suggestion is, that I just sent Google a counter-claim stating my use of images from Space Battleship Yamato falls within fair use, and that the entire text of the blog is my own work. We'll see how this shakes out!

One potential maybe out of this whole deal, is that FUNimation has had that live-action Yamato film license for years now, and is JUST NOW getting on my case about a 2009 blog post... so this MAY mean that FUNimation may also have the license to other Space Battleship Yamato properties, including 2199/2202. Or maybe not. Who knows? All I know is I am not an infringer!!

"Remove Your Media" has been working overtime with these DMCAs, as the "No Nonsense Anime Blog" reports. They need to dial it back some.
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I love that there's a new Space Battleship Yamato series and that over here people still call it "Yamamoto". I love that so much. Never stop.


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