Mar. 1st, 2017

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Nerd & Tie has a round up on the exciting world of fandom train rides, fandom cruises, fandom cosplay expos, fandom Sailor Moon Cafes, you name it, it's the exciting world of Angry Goat Productions who apparently have yet to actually produce anything other than websites and bad press.

from the article:
So earlier this week we were pointed towards a supposed scam warning on Facebook about Angry Goat Productions‘s “Sailor Moon and Pop Up Cafe Exhibit.” The Pop Up cafe is supposed to be a part of an event called Cosplay Unplugged Los Angeles (CULA), but for many this is raising red flags.

The more I’ve dug into this and organizer Ray Jelley though, the more confusing the maze has gotten. Are people getting scammed by Angry Goat Productions, or is this simply a case of Angry Goat Productions being really bad at this.

Update: Angry Goat quietly cancels their Sailor Moon events.

Despite promises that tickets would be going on sale soon and that a new venue was being booked, it appears that at least all of the Sailor Moon themed events have now been cancelled. Of course, as we suspected, there were no official announcements made — but the events quietly disappeared from the Angry Goat Productions’ Facebook page and website.

I can't really say "score one for the good guys" here, because it looks like this outfit was, and still is, doomed from the start. Still, it's made for entertaining reading, and some hopefully cautionary examples for future Angry Goats angry enough to want to start their own fan events.


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