Feb. 21st, 2017

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that's right it was Family Day yesterday which means Ontario gets the day off and people wander around in front of the Metro wondering why it's closed.

What did we do? Well, the weather warmed right up and we went out to the sticks. Georgetown has a great old school thrift store, the old type full of God knows what piled in random piles, sometimes priced, sometimes not, stuff all over the map. Used to be there were places like this in every dying strip mall in town, but they've all gone Corporate (Value Village/Savers, Goodwill except in Canada, Salvation Army) or the strip malls have been bulldozed for condos and Starbucks. I like the random nature of thrift stores - they are the weird tidal pools of American commercialism, where stuff washes up and is left to dry in the sun - and ever since the big place in Burlington closed the area's been without a true Al Hoff style Thrift Score. Well, Georgetown isn't "the area". Close enough, I guess.

We were going to try to get some walking in up Islington but we got caught in a big traffic mess in Brampton and by the time we extricated ourselves and got some food, darkness had fallen. So we went home. Sunday it was still warm, so we hit our Islington walk again, up through the Boyd Conservation Area along the Humber. Saw an otter swimming downstream past the very interested dogs. Still a little ice on the river and on the trail, but a pleasant, unseasonably warm for February walk.

Monday we walked around the neighborhood and had some indifferent lunch at the Saigon Flower. Other than that, we did some drawing, did some laundry, arranged some merchandise for this weekend's sale, and did some schadenfreude-watching of the implosion of Milo Yiannopoulos's career, a fascinating disaster that managed to embarrass everybody involved, including, surprisingly enough, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an outfit that weathered the scandal of its director sexually assaulting a woman in a hot tub, but found that trying to spin some press for themselves by condemning the Simon & Shuster Milo boycott was the last straw for many former CBLDF boosters.

Well, honestly, I don't know what the CBLDF found, or whether their donations have changed at all. I do know a lot of people that formerly looked on the CBLDF as a good and necessary thing spent a few minutes asking "why is the CBLDF involved in this situation which doesn't involve free speech or comic books?" and then spent a few more minutes asking "hey, wasn't the director of the CBLDF arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in a hot tub at an Ohio comic con?" and then a few MORE minutes asking "hey, how did this guy CONTINUE to be the director of the CBLDF?" And then you start thinking about, you know, comics still being this guy thing run by guys for guys who get really, really huffy and mansplainy when non-guy things start intruding in their guy space.

Anyway that was our long weekend. Back to work.


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