Jan. 16th, 2017

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So I have been going back through old Let's Anime posts and reformatting them to read easier and correcting egregious errors and adding new screencaps and images (it's only been in the past few years that I've been able to get decent screencaps of videos) and the latest one I fixed was a post from 2008 about anime parody dubbing.

When I first met Matt and CB they showed up at the local anime club meeting with Star Dipwads - their parody dub of "Arrivederchi Yamato" - already complete in at least one iteration -two guys with a cassette recorder and VHS copies of Star Blazers episodes and a burning desire to take their teenage nonsense and imprint it upon Space Battleship Yamato.

We became friends and years later we're all married, which is something we would have SWORN would never have happened back then. Anyway, Matt and CB decided to get a camcorder and shoot a fake documentary purportedly about how Star Dipwads was a real movie and how the producers were egomaniacal fraudsters on the run from the law. It's a film that we finished, but never really distributed, because it's funny to us, but if you weren't there shooting it at the time, it makes no sense whatsoever.

I dug it out for screencaps and watched it last night and it's a real trip down memory lane. We filmed man-on-the-street interviews in front of the movie theater where I'd worked; we spent hours in that shopping plaza hollering, waving pellet guns around, and generally making nuisances of ourselves late at night, and nobody batted an eye. Later segments of the film that involved the producers hauling a corpse through malls resulted in us getting thrown out of both Cumberland Mall and Gwinnett Place Mall.

You can see my brilliant camera work here, where instead of having the light source (the sign) actually shine ON my subject, I just let CB stand silhouetted. It's not all this bad, but much of it is (my later CPF film where I did the camera work, "Danger Highway 8", is much more competent).

It was an era of Corn Pone Flicks movie making that involved a gang of people getting together and doing whatever came to mind for eight or ten hours every Saturday and Sunday, and that requires pretty much everybody involved to be students or otherwise somebody with few responsibilities.

Now we're all old and married and we have jobs and mortgages and our weekends are spent doing laundry and buying groceries, and anyway it would look silly if we were out there getting arrested for trespassing while shooting a dumb home-made movie. But I'm glad we did it when we did it and I'm glad we saved some of it for us to look back at.


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