Jan. 10th, 2017

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It's snowing again out there right now. apparently the DVP southbound is closed due to skidding wrecked cars, and I'm hoping they clear that up before I head out, because that's the way I go home. Of course it's supposed to warm up and start raining instead of snowing, which is what I'm counting on.

Since we got back I've gone from sneezing to coughing and I think my New Years Cold is on its way out, maybe. Most of the weekend was spent cleaning up and squaring stuff away and kind of sorting through the piles of stuff left on hold for our trip south. Cleared off the light table and did some drawing on the WWII story. I also replaced some images and did some editing on some older Let's Anime columns, and started working on a new Let's Anime, which at first was going to be a reprint of an old Anime Jump review, but is being retooled from scratch, more or less.

This week it's been getting back into the swing of the working week, braving the daily wintry commute, watching some TV (Sherlock is teetering on the edge of falling down the same pit Dr. Who has been languishing in for the past five years).

Eyesore is having regular market days, where zine artists and junk purveyors can man tables and sell stuff, and one's coming up in February that we might be able to get a piece of. Looking forward to selling zines in an environment that might actually be conducive to zines. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile if you want to read about how Mobile Suit Gundam got optioned by Hollywood in 1983 and the whacky script they cranked out and the Syd Mead art they commissioned, check out anime blog zimmerit.moe, which is doing terrific work in the field of smart Japanese cartoon blogging.
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Did I even mention that Colony Drop's latest Last Fanzine, the one about Patlabor, the one with the article that Shain and I wrote, did I mention that it's now available for you to purchase?

Because it is! Apart from Shain and I, there's art and articles from Ian F. Martin, Brian Ruh, Renato Rivera Rusca, Daryl Surat, Matt Schley, Dawn “Usamimi” H., Eric Alexander Arroyo, Exo, Hazukari, Niki, Tofu+Beast, and Tom Winnicki. It's a digest-sized zine, full color, a print-on-demand thing that will never be made available online, so if you're any kind of anime fan you should buy this thing.

We wrote our piece a while back, and you always worry about old pieces, that they aren't going to hold up or some bit of subsequent news will render the whole thing irrelevant, but I don't think that's the case here. Lots of other great articles too, including one about how Oshii was tapped to direct the Lupin III film to come after "Cagliostro Castle" and how that didn't work out, yet how the project found new life afterwards.

Anyway, it's done, go buy it.


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